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Un-Conference on Digital Tools for Civic Engagement

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#msfembot2016 Day 2: Un-Conference on Digital Tools for Civic Engagement

Co-sponsored by USC Annenberg School for Communication

On Saturday, March 12th, we’ll head over to USC to workshop and launch the first chapters of Fembot’s forthcoming textbook on Digital Tools for Civic Engagement. The un-conference begins with a series of lightening talks that introduce six digital tools and ways to harness them for feminist scholarship, activism, and civic engagement.In the afternoon, we’ll come together and vote on our three favorite feminist tools to tackle, followed by concurrent workshops where participants are trained on the basics and collaborate on applications. All three sessions will lay the groundwork for Fembot’s open access digital textbook on digital tools for civic engagement, which will be published through Fembot’s open access platform as part of the Fembot Toolkit.

Session Leaders & Workship Details:


Jeremiah Favara

Digital Archiving:

Record Keeping and Collaborating with Zotero
Introducing Zotero, a free and open-source digital tool that can be useful for activism, this workshop focuses on techniques needed to use Zotero for collection, organization, and collaboration.


Bryce Peake


Tor (The Onion Router) for Feminists
Focusing on techniques for preserving online anonymity for activists, this workshop explores the benefits and limitations of using Tor. For more information, check out the Fembot Toolkit, a growing set of resources for mitigating the threat of online harassment.


Sarah T. Hamid


GIS/Mapping Geolocated Data and Crowdmapping
Used by activists for documentation, coordination, and analysis, digital mapping is a powerful way to organize location-based data. This workshop introduces the basics of cybercartogrphy, activism through crowd-mapping, and ways to synthesize mapping software with indigenous/peripheral knowledge for ‘counter-mapping.’


J.D. Swerzenski

Visualizing Data:

Infographics 101: Literacy, Utility, and Production
This workshop focuses on the mobilization of digital production tools to increase message salience. In particular, a number of open source and freely available programs that allow for the creation of visualizations, infographics and other multimedia texts in a technologically and financially accessible manner.

Laura Strait


Creating Successful Social Media Networks
This workshop surveys the extant theories on effective virtual communities built online through various platforms and approaches and will look at successful and unsuccessful social media activist (and non) campaigns from which to model our own efforts.


Photo Feb 10, 9 08 44 PM

Jacob Levernier

Opening Access:

DIY Book Scanning & Open Access/Open Data
E-Books and other digital data can be mined, widely distributed, archived, and remixed more easily than print copies. To move from hard copy to e-copy, all you need is a camera, some PVC, a lightbulb, and the wide world of open-source software. This workshop will cover DIY book scanning, for archiving to activism.



Please note: event is free but space is limited.


10:00 AM Introduction
10:15 AM Lightening Talks
11:30 AM Lunch on your own & Voting for Afternoon Sessions
12:30 PM Optional Event: FemBib Launch Presentation
1:00 PM Concurrent Afternoon Sessions
3:30 PM Session Wrap-Up
4:00 PM Event wrap-up
4:30 PM Event Ends


Wallis Annenberg Hall (ANN) Rm. 106
3630 Watt Way,
Los Angeles, CATo Day 2

Code of Conduct:

The Ms. Fembot Hack-a-Thon has adopted the Code of Conduct created by the Ada Initiative.

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