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Liveblog Updates:

Suggested content for improvement or addition: [here].

who are joining us at the beautiful Ms Magazine offices in Beverly Hills. Attendees who are joining us in spirit from afar — add your name to the list and join along!

gives us the down & dirty on how the Wikipedia-world works; see her fantastic slide show here.

Elizabeth Sackler added a reference, sections

Rae Selling Berry stub created

Chiaki Kon stub expanded to include infobox

Sarah Fielding infobox added

Mountain Maternal Health League page created and linked to the Louise Gilman Hutchins page

Sarah Fielding first name references changed to surname

Noriko Mizuta page created using reference book brought to edit-a-thon and by translating ja:水田宗子

SKS Microfinance

New Wikipedia entry, Paula O. Jakobi [@PennamitePLR]

New Wikipedia entry, Helen De Michiel

New Wikipedia entry, Ellin Devis

Arthur Devis (1712–1787), added daughter Ellin Devis to his page

Tatyana Fazlalizadeh, expanded on original article and added citations

Feminist Majority Foundation added references

Barbara Beskind, New entry on 91yo inventor who finally has achieved her childhood dream to become an inventor!

List of first female physicians by country new entries

New Wikipedia entry, Jane Gardiner

Angie Dickerson, stub

Gynoid revised, new references added

Carol Stabile Photo Added

Tiffany Chung, new entry

Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women revised: language neutralized to reflect actual vs. desired initiatives of CEDAW

Sojourners for Truth and Justice, new entry

The Hidden Hand (novel), expanded on original article and added citations.

E.D.E.N. Southworth new references added

Rosa Lee Ingram, African American sharecropper and defendant, information and citation added

Mary Peters (1852-1921) new article

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