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Laundry Day Submission Guidelines

Laundry Day Editors:

Laundry Day will have two editors who serve six month terms, preferably a graduate student and a faculty member, although we are open to other collaborative and mentoring relationships. If you are interested in editing Laundry Day for a six month term, please contact the Fembot editor.

About: Laundry Day is intended to provide short, teachable pieces of feminist media criticism on contemporary culture for a general audience. Laundry Day is not peer reviewed, although editors will review submissions and may ask for revisions if deemed necessary. Our goal is to feature a new Laundry Day as often as we can find contributors.

We encourage contributors to include video clips or other media artifacts to accompany their responses; on occasion, we will provide the main text to which contributors will respond.

If you have an idea for a Laundry Day issue, please contact Radhika Gajjala  laundryday@fembotcollective.org.

General guidelines:

Submissions should be aimed at a general audience: imagine a smart high school student for these.

Pieces should not exceed 1,000 words.

Please contact the editors (who can be found on the Fembot website in the “People” tab) to pitch ideas and make queries regarding upcoming issues.

Pieces should be submitted via email to both co-editors.

Submitters are responsible for providing clips to be curated and a short bio.

We welcome multimodal submissions, so feel free to include copyright-friendly clips, images, illustrations, or other creative work

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