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FAQ for FemTechNet

DRAFT, Juhasz, June 4, 2012


What is FemTechNet?

A network of hundreds of international feminist scholars, students and artists who work on or with technology in a variety of fields including STS, Media and Visual Studies, Art, Women’s, Queer and Ethnic Studies.

The network has been activated to build a course called Dialogues in Feminist and Technology to be held at institutions of higher education around the globe from September-December, 2013. The course is the first MDCLE in higher education: a feminist model for technologically-enhanced learning.

What is a Massively Distributed Collaborative Learning Experiment?

Produced collectively by FemTechNet, Dialogues in Feminism and Technology delivers (and grows) ten weeks of course content covering both the histories and cutting edge scholarship on technology produced through art, science, and visual studies. Recorded conversations between luminaries in these fields will anchor each of ten weeks of themed content, but from there, each professor will tailor a course best-suited to her students, institution, locale, and discipline from a diverse, robust, and growing database of “Boundary Objects that Learn.” Shared assignments will link learners around the globe as their own efforts become part of the feminist database and dialogue.

What are Boundary Objects that Learn (BOL)?

Readings, media, web-resources, and conversations that have been both submitted to and evaluated for teaching by the network.

“A boundary object is a concept in sociology to describe information used in different ways by different communities. They are plastic, interpreted differently across communities but with enough immutable content to maintain integrity. The concept was introduced by Susan Leigh Star and James R. Griesemer in a 1989 publication (p.393):[1]””

Who can participate?

All feminists interested in technology.

How do I join?

We meet through a listserv hosted by the Fembot Collective: https://fembotcollective.org. You can join from the pull-down list “Register.”

Where do I find more information about FemTechNet?

On the FemBot webpage: https://fembotcollective.org (under construction)

What can I do?

-If you are a professor: work with your institution to offer a course.

-Help us to locate professors in Asia, Africa and South America who can teach the course.

-Enter BOLs into the our database (under construction)

-Evaluate BOLs for teaching (under construction)

-Create Keyword Videos using the template available in our resources (under construction)

Where do I get more info?

Feel free to email project founders: Alex Juhasz and Anne Balsamo

Alexandra_juhasz@pitzer.edu         annebalsamo@gmail.com







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