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What can advice animals teach us about feminism?

Kelly Bergrstrom (York University, Faculty of Education) “Advice Animals” are memes created by overlaying text on a photo. They often take the form of a cutout of an animal or person set on a bright and/or multicoloured background, although sometimes text is placed over an unedited photo.  No longer requiring access to Photoshop or other image manipulation software, these memes…

5 things academics might learn from how the rowdy social justice blogosphere handles fucknecks

Amanda Phillips (University of California- Santa Barbara, PhD Student in English) My latest diss chapter took me down the rabbit hole of discourse communities surrounding video games. One section, which chronicles the Dickwolves controversy and feminist bloggers’ reactions to the resulting harassment, made me wonder what academia would be like if more feminist, critical race, queer, disability studies, and other…