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d0xxxing precautions

If GamerGate and Wiki Harassment have taught us one thing, it’s that third-party trolls (who just like to see things get fucked up in general) will release the private information of anyone on any side of any public debate, just to watch the chaos that ensues. One way trollz facilitate this is through d0xxing, or worse, SWATing. Doxxing is the…

Trolling and/or/as/alongside Harassment: what I learned from writing (poorly) about Dickwolves

Whitney Philips (University of Oregon, PhD Candidate in English) About a year ago, I wrote an essay about Dickwolves. Well, tried to write an essay about Dickwolves—about halfway into the project, I realized I was out of my league, or at least was working outside my jurisdiction. Because as trollish as some of the engagement might have been, a large percentage of the…