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Bella’s Womb

A few years ago, this felt replica of Bella’s womb circulated online as the epitome of the rabid and deluded  Twi-hard who had finally crossed the line from homage to horror.  Critics and fans alike decried  the hairy coconut creation with its Brillo pad nest cradling a tiny figurine as disturbing.  Yet, it seems appropriate for the film release of…

The Colonial Gaze of Breaking Dawn: Part 1

In addition to serving as a an ode to pro-life sentiment, wedding fervor, and mommy mania, Breaking Dawn Part 1 is also permeated by a colonial gaze that privileges whites and animalizes people of color. The film, much like the texts, pretends to be racially conscious (“look, we like werewolves of color, we even let them in our homes!”). Yet,…