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Ms. Fembot: Two days of feminist innovation, education, and collaboration with The Fembot Collective, Ms. Magazine, and the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism.

Ms. Fembot 2015

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“Contribute to the digital legacy of women, trans, and/or gender non-conforming scientists, writers, scholars, filmmakers, artists, activists, politicians, and others by writing them into Wikipedia at Ms. Magazine’s office in Beverly Hills.”

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“In memory of the Fembot Bot [a feminist Twitter bot designed to auto-reply to sexist & racist hashtags], collaborate with coders, software designers, and others to build awe-inspiring feminist tools, apps, programs, and interventions.”

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Ms. Fembot 2016

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#msfembot2016 Day 1: Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon

“Contribute figures, movements, organizations, and ideas historically marginalized because of gender, race, and sexuality into Wikipedia. Help us make sure that the virtual world of free and accessible knowledge offers a gender inclusive history.

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#msfembot2016 Day 2: Un-Conference on Digital Tools for Civic Engagement

“Workshop ways to use, harness, hack, and expand digital tools for feminist scholarship and civic engagement. Sessions will lay the groundwork for the Fembot Collective’s textbook on Digital Tools for Civic Engagement, which will be collaboratively authored by the workshop’s participants.”

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#msfembot Amplified

“Unable to join us in LA? Remote Participation Welcome! We’re amplifying #msfembot2016: A Digital Initiative for Civic Engagement! To join us remotely, register to be added to the contact sheet. Sign and post suggestions for content.”