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Goldsmiths Press: The Future Media Series

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The Future Media series will be published by Goldsmiths Press from 2016-17. We are inviting proposals, submissions and expressions of interest.

Please contact goldsmithspress@gold.ac.uk


For the Future Media series, authors are encouraged to offer a relatively short, sharp intervention in response to actual or potential short-term, utilitarian and instrumentalist thinking about a particular scenario or performance of media and technological futurism. They are encouraged to reflect on how they are writing as well as what they are writing about and to consider feminist, queer, trans, anti-racist and/or speculative approaches to media and technological futures. Rather than seeking to erect, in the case of speculative realism, an object oriented philosophy, speculative thinking in this series is more open, explorative, interventionist and experimental. The Future Media series will attempt to capture speculative thinking-in-action by incorporating, where appropriate, ‘grey literature’ such as briefs, sketchbooks and blogposts as well as familiar provisional formats such as the manual and manifesto. Books in the series constitute 30-55,000 word interventions into performances and debates on media and technological futures and will be available in digital and print formats.


Goldsmiths Press is a new university press seeking to take advantage of digital technology to revive and regenerate the traditions and values of university press publishing. It builds on the principles of digital first publishing and is driven by a widely documented need for new forms of academic publishing in the digital age. Digital first does not mean digital only, and we will be publishing print books as well as eBooks, apps and infographics.

We want to create a culture around academic knowledge practices that is more inventive and less constrained than it is now. We will invest in high quality work, including that which exceeds the opposition between convention and experimentation. The press will reflect Goldsmiths’ strengths in theory, practice and performance. We care far more about content than platforms and will look for the best ways to publish any particular piece of work.

Goldsmiths Press is concerned with ethics as well as access and will attend to below the line issues of scholarship such as peer review and citation. We will combine green open access with a fair and varied pricing model in order to avoid the exploitation of authors as well as readers, creators as well as users. The press is oriented toward academics, practice based researchers, practitioners and postgraduate students. We hope to appeal to postgraduates through a combination of content, format and price and will involve them in the press as decision-makers. While serving the academic community, Goldsmiths Press will explore the many ways in which the college can increase its reach to a wider public.