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*NMP 28: REVENGE has launched!*

In this issue:
  • Haley Morris-Cafiero is this issue’s photographer, presenting work from her series *Wait Watchers*, which makes visible everyday hostilities directed at fat and other non-normative bodies in public. The interview is conducted by Jackie Wykes.
  • Sarah Kember presents an anonymous open letter about the discovery of life on Mars.
  • Katie Weldon interviews Mandi Morgan, a Vancouver-native and NFB/ONF employee in Montréal, in hopes of answering questions about the decline in viewership, and ponders the best way to support Canadian filmmakers.
  • Moynan King considers a reading of Valerie Solanas’s SCUM Manifesto as a form of revenge – a performative speech act that reveals, and retaliates against, its genesis in misogynistic polemics throughout history.
  • Regular NMP contributor, Andrea Zeffiro, interviews Steph Ceraso about an ongoing audio project archiving the lived experiences of graduate student life.