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Fembot Jam Session 1: an Unconference on Feminist Multimodal Publishing and Collaboration

White Stag Building: Papé Forum

Portland, Oregon

Saturday & Sunday, 9-5 pm

9-10 February 2013

Slightly over a year after Fembot launched its first feature, Laundry Day, members of the collective will meet in Portland, Oregon, for a two-day unconference to discuss Fembot’s past, present, and future. Goals for this event include:

  • To think collectively and critically about the features Fembot has experimented with over the past year
  • To think about the Fembot Project holistically and in light of its more-or-less organic unfolding over the past eighteen months
  • To collaboratively assess the site’s design and functionality, as well as its aesthetics, particularly in relation to our sister project, FemTechNet
  • To establish goals for the coming year, including discussion of a Fembot ThatCamp (July 2013, Portland).

The unconference is free and open to all members of the Fembot collective. If you can’t join us in Portland, follow along and participate on Twitter at #fembotjam.

We’re excited to announce the following confirmed participants:

Faculty: Karen Alexander (Rutgers), Radhika Gajjala (Bowling Green), Kim Sawchuk (Concordia), Paula Gardner (OCAD), Nina Huntemann (Suffolk), Alex Juhasz (Pitzer), Carol Stabile (Oregon), Sarah Kember (Goldsmiths), Alisa Freedman (Oregon), Kate Mondloch (Oregon), Donna Davis (Oregon), and Polina Kroik (LCC)

Graduate students, undergraduate students, and post-docs: Amelia Abreu (Washington), Rachel Baker (Oregon), Iris Bull (Oregon), Chelsea Bullock (Oregon), Lindsey Collins (UC Santa Cruz), Teri Del Rosso (Oregon), Karen Estlund (Oregon), Mél Hogan (UC Boulder), (Leslie Howerton (Oregon), Jher (Oregon), Hye Jin Lee (Iowa), Lilly Nguyen (UCLA), Bryce Peake (Oregon), Sarah Stierch (Wikimedia), Staci Tucker (Oregon), and Jacquie Wallace (Concordia)

The Unconference is sponsored by the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communication and the Center for the Study of Women in Society.



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