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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Fembot Jam Session 1: an Unconference on Feminist Multimodal Publishing and Collaboration

White Stag Building: Papé Forum Portland, Oregon Saturday & Sunday, 9-5 pm 9-10 February 2013 Slightly over a year after Fembot launched its first feature, Laundry Day, members of the collective will meet in Portland, Oregon, for a two-day unconference to discuss Fembot’s past, present, and future. Goals for this event include: To think collectively and critically about the features…

Books Aren’t Dead – Work’s Intimacy

Books Aren’t Dead (BAD) is a regular, monthly podcast series of interviews between feminist scholars and feminist authors of recent books. It is edited by Hye-Jin Lee, and will be available on iTunes as a regular subscription podcast in the near future.  In this issue of BAD, Polina Kroik interviews Melissa Gregg about her latest book, Work’s Intimacy.   

Unconference Proposals

We’re very excited about the upcoming unconference! This post is a place where we are collecting proposals for sessions (in the comment section). You may propose a new session, or, if there is one similar to the session you want to propose, feel free to comment on it and offer a friendly amendment. We have a specific number of panels…