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Writing Women into Wikipedia 2013

Ada Lovelace Edit-a-Thon at The Royal Society by Wikimedia UK

Have you ever gone to Wikipedia in search of information about a feminist activist, scholar, writer, artist, scientist, historical figure only to find there’s no entry for her?

Have you ever visited a Wikipedia page only to realize that they had information wrong about feminist history or significant female historical figures?

Chances are good that your answer to one of these questions was yes. Women are underrepresented on Wikipedia, both as Wikipedians and as historical and political agents.

In celebration of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, Fembot  (in collaboration with the ASUO Women’s Center) will be hosting events on Friday, 3/9/13 and Saturday, 3/10/13 to write women into Wikipedia.

On Friday, 3/9/13, Sarah Stierch will visit the University of Oregon to conduct a Wikipedia Workshop for undergraduates, faculty members, and graduate students interested in learning how to contribute and edit content on Wikipedia.

On Saturday, 3/10/13, groups will convene to put their new skills to the test and contribute entries on feminist figures (from history, art, literature, politics, government, social movements, science, technology) to Wikipedia.

We’re hoping that faculty members and graduate students will find ways to incorporate this project into assignments for classes during winter quarter 2013.

Sarah Stierch has offered to help others from our Fembot community connect with their local Wikipedians to organize their own Wikipedia parties. If you’re interested in hosting your own Wikipedia event, contact us and we’ll share resources as well as connect you with Sarah who can help you find your local expert. You can also apply for chapters or WMF small event funding to put toward organizing your event!

Please stay tuned for information about a planning meeting in January 2013.