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Media #Fail- Girls Only

From the beginning, the Fembot Zine has been intended to provide materials for teaching. In this vein, we’ve come up with two categories: Media Fails and Media Wins. The basic argument behind the latter is to share examples of some pretty massive failures on the part of media when it comes to representing gender. We’ll be mining our sister feminist sites for some of these and re-posting, but also looking to find our own. Media Wins are the opposite: shout-outs for when the media get it right, like Paul Frank’s recent response to criticism from native communities about their use of native imagery and icons.
To get us started, here’s a media fail from our sisters at Jezebel in which Scholastic’s “Boys Only: How to Survive Everything” dispenses all manner of useful advice for that impending zombie apocalypse, while “Girls Only: How to Survive Everything” offers advice on “how to handle becoming rich” and “sleeping your way to the top” (jk on that last one.)
If you’re feeling sassy, add to the growing number of funny and smart Amazon review comments on either of these.