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Fembot Happy Hour in Paris!

Last Thursday, a group of Fembot folks met up at Les Pipos in Paris after attending a day of sessions at Crossroads. We got to have dinner and drinks with some Fembots new and old — am hoping some of you will weigh in on the blog. It’s funny how these meetings always seem to conclude with plans for future ftf meetings — there’s such incredible energy and excitement at these events and so many feminists doing rich and significant interdisciplinary work.

A number of people were interested in Books Aren’t Dead (BAD) and it looks like our first podcast will feature Joan Haran interviewing Sarah Kember about her novel The Optical Effects of Lightning. Someone also suggested that in addition to — or as part of BAD — we should include interviews with graduate students and junior scholars about their works-in-progress. We agreed that that would be a great idea, but will need to think about how best to integrate that into the platform.

We also discussed two additional items:

1. A possible unconference in London around ICA 2013 (in addition to the ICA preconference)

2. A separate Fembot conference in 2014, perhaps in Amsterdam or Berlin (a couple of members said that they’d look into possible venues and/or hosts).

We love holding Fembot happy hours at conferences, but there seemed to be consensus about wanting to devote more time (and not at the end of a busy day) to talking about our research and creating shared agendas and collaborations.

Hope to see some of you in Boston at Console-ing Passions. We’ll be meeting at Silvertone, 69 Bromfield Street, on Friday, 7/20 from 6-8 pm.