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Online Journal #FAIL


This was recently on the site Delete From Internet, and for good reason. What a bloody annoying flash video that never. quite. makes. it. through. without… well, you get the point. Not only that, but the content is epic boring. Nothing like academics reading essays with a video backdrop…

Thinking about how we want to make fembot multimodal, I think we have to be conscious of the 'over-doing it'. At Brandeis University, I worked on a project that pushed social media to the brinks of its pedagogical capacities, and all of the content was boring. Seriously. Dr. Mark Auslander (now head of the Museum of Culture and the Environment at Central Washington University) and I even gave a paper on how and why it failed. Why, we asked? It has to do with synergy, and remaining true to the medium and the genres of YouTube, and the ways our academic expectations and modes of communication are in friction, if not incompatible, with the 'YouTube' way of communicating. 

What's popular on YouTube, and the internet video medium, are things that are implicit commentary on society. There is no need for scholars to render it explicit via the video medium, and doing so has the inverse effect. Curating, it would seem, is the way to go!