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Books Aren’t Dead

Books Aren’t Dead (BAD) Guidelines


Books Aren’t Dead is a series of monthly interviews with authors of recent feminist books on new media, science, and technology. These will appear both as downloadable podcasts (no more than thirty minutes long) and as transcripts of those interviews. The goal of Books Aren’t Dead is to provide a forum for discussing and promoting new feminist books and to facilitate networking among feminist scholars and junior faculty and graduate students. Guidelines for contributions are as follows:

1. Contributors should contact Carol Stabile with the name and title of the book they’d like to review and a deadline for the completed review. They can either select from the list of books on the website or pitch an entirely different book.

2. Interviews can range in length, but should be no more than 50 minutes in length.

3. The goal of the interview is to provide listeners and readers with a sense of what the book is about, how it contributes to the field of feminist media studies, and what kinds of issues the author grappled with in the project. Interviewers are expected to have read the book carefully and should be prepared with a list of questions (these should be emailed to the interviewee ahead of time). It would be helpful to begin with a brief summary of the book since many listeners may not have read it. Please keep in mind that 3-4 questions equals roughly 10-15 minutes, depending on the questions.

4. Recording: Please make sure that both you and the interviewee are in a quiet room.

5. Guidelines and submission: pieces should be saved as an mp3 recording and emailed to Carol Stabile and Bryce Peake, who will review the quality of the piece and post to the fembot website.


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