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How To Get Involved with Fembot

Join the collective! Members of the collective:

  • review specific contributions, based on their areas of expertise;
  • participate in decision-making processes concerning the composition of the editorial board;
  • deliberate about the topic areas for journal issues, as well as provide advice and feedback to designated editors for specific journal issues;
  • serve as reviewers for submissions;
  • nominate and vote on new members
  • provide feedback and advice about the blog and review process;
  • serve on committees related to fundraising and event organizing;
  • serve as a resource for mentoring designated editors;
  • serve, or be willing to serve, at least one term on the editorial board.

Nominating Process: Any member of the collective can nominate new members by circulating a brief message nominating a new member and providing a short biography of the nominee to  the Fembot listserv. Self-nominations are also fine. After the nomination receives a second, there will be a one-week discussion period. If there is no discussion or objections, the nomination will be considered approved. If there is no second, the nomination will be dropped. The chair of the advisory board will oversee nominations.

NB: Members of the collective, Fembot Advisory Board, and other positions do not have to have PhDs and do not need to be faculty members. They can be feminist media artists, media producers, media critics, graduate students, and undergraduates.

Once you’re a member, you can:

  1. register for Fembot on the website. Registering on the website will allow you to post comments, edit content, and otherwise interact with the blog.
  2. Volunteer to become a Beta Reader.
  3. Volunteer to interview a feminist author for our new feature, Books aren’t Dead! BAD podcasts will feature interviews by graduate students of the authors of new books in the field of feminism, new media and technology.
  4.  Join the listserv conversation. Fembot members communicate about upcoming meetings, administrative and organizational issues, ideas for Laundry Day, Feminists Work, and Books Aren’t Dead!, etc. via our listserv. You can sign up for the listserv on the website.




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