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Bella’s Womb

January 14, 2012 – 3:45 pm | One Comment
Bella's Womb

A few years ago, this felt replica of Bella’s womb circulated online as the epitome of the rabid and deluded  Twi-hard who had finally crossed the line from homage to horror.  Critics and fans alike decried  the hairy coconut creation with its Brillo pad nest cradling a tiny figurine as …

The Colonial Gaze of Breaking Dawn: Part 1

January 14, 2012 – 2:03 pm |

In addition to serving as a an ode to pro-life sentiment, wedding fervor, and mommy mania, Breaking Dawn Part 1 is also permeated by a colonial gaze that privileges whites and animalizes people of color. The film, much like the texts, pretends to be racially conscious (“look, we like werewolves …

Blood Milkshake

January 14, 2012 – 1:50 pm |
Blood Milkshake by Mara Williams

Introduction to Breaking Dawn: Part 1 Commentaries