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Books aren’t dead

monthly interviews with authors of recent feminist books on new media, science, and technology.

Books Aren’t Dead: Monster Culture in the 21st Century: A Reader

In this month’s BAD interview, Mark McCarthy (Ph.D. Candidate, University of South Florida) talks with Marina Levina (Assistant Professor, University of Memphis) and Diem-My Bui (Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Illinois-Chicago), editors of Monster Culture in the 21st Century: A Reader (Bloomsbury Academic, 2013).

Books Aren’t Dead: Women’s Work: Nationalism and Contemporary African American Women’s Novels

In this month’s BAD interview, Tasia Milton (Ph.D. Candidate, Rutgers University) talks with Courtney Thorsson (Assistant Professor, University of Oregon), author of Women’s Work: Nationalism and Contemporary African American Women’s Novels (Charlottesville, VA: University of Virginia Press, 2013).    About Women’s Work: Nationalism and Contemporary African American Women’s Novels In Women’s Work, Courtney Thorsson reconsiders the gender, genre, and geography of African American nationalism as…

Books Aren’t Dead: Our Roots Run Deep as Ironweed: Appalachian Women and the Fight for Environmental Justice

Description from the back cover: Motivated by a deeply rooted sense of place and community, Appalachian women have long fought against the damaging effects of industrialization. In this collection of interviews, sociologist Shannon Elizabeth Bell presents the voices of twelve Central Appalachian women, environmental justice activists fighting against mountaintop removal mining and its devastating effects on public health, regional ecology,…

Books Aren’t Dead: Prescription TV

The first Books Aren’t Dead (BAD) interview for 2014 is now uploaded on the Fembot website. In this BAD interview Marisa Brandt (Instructor, University of California, San Diego) talks with Joy V. Fuqua (Assistant Professor, Queens College, City University of New York), author of Prescription TV: Therapeutic Discourse in the Hospital and at Home (Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2012).…

Books Aren’t Dead: Modern Girls on the Go

In this BAD interview Kate Page-Lippsmeyer (Doctoral Candidate, University of Southern California) talks with Alisa Freedman (Associate Professor, University of Oregon), co-editor of Modern Girls on the Go: Gender, Mobility, and Labor in Japan (Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, 2013).     Both the podcast and the transcript for this interview (as well as BAD’s past interviews) will be available for…