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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Fembot Jam Session 1: an Unconference on Feminist Multimodal Publishing and Collaboration

White Stag Building: Papé Forum Portland, Oregon Saturday & Sunday, 9-5 pm 9-10 February 2013 Slightly over a year after Fembot launched its first feature, Laundry Day, members of the collective will meet in Portland, Oregon, for a two-day unconference to discuss Fembot’s past, present, and future. Goals for this event include: To think collectively and critically about the features…

Books Aren’t Dead – Work’s Intimacy

Books Aren’t Dead (BAD) is a regular, monthly podcast series of interviews between feminist scholars and feminist authors of recent books. It is edited by Hye-Jin Lee, and will be available on iTunes as a regular subscription podcast in the near future.  In this issue of BAD, Polina Kroik interviews Melissa Gregg about her latest book, Work’s Intimacy.    [vimeo 70155352]

Unconference Proposals

We’re very excited about the upcoming unconference! This post is a place where we are collecting proposals for sessions (in the comment section). You may propose a new session, or, if there is one similar to the session you want to propose, feel free to comment on it and offer a friendly amendment. We have a specific number of panels…